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Reaping What You Sow through ARCM

For with God nothing is ever impossible and no word from God shall be without power or impossible of fulfillment.”
 – Luke 1: 37 Amp

No word of God shall be without power or impossible to be fulfilled! God’s words are powerful. With just a few words God spoke the universe and our world into being. We reap the bounty of and the enjoyment of the beautiful world that God created with His words. But God did not stop with just His powerful words of creation. For, God has given us a legacy of words within the pages of the Bible to guide us and reassure us of His love. Even God’s written words are full of power. His words, read from the Bible, meditated upon and instilled in our hearts, can heal and restore the heart of the spiritually dying.

True Christians can use God’s words to help themselves and each other.
For, it is also through God’s words within the pages of the Bible that all people are offered instruction, wisdom, guidance and love, if they search for knowledge and understanding. Furthermore, God’s words reassure us that He is always there for us and that He has a plan for our Salvation and eternity, if we will just repent of our sins and turn to His Son, Jesus Christ.

The Bible also contains words about discipline. For just like any loving father, God tells us ahead of time, i.e. before we are disobedient or decide to do something wrong or bad, what the consequences are for our disobedience. He tells us what will happen if we choose to lead lives that are focused on selfishness, greed, jealousy and evil. Most of the time the discipline comes from our own hands, because we reap the repercussions of our chosen actions. For example, if a person steals something, she knows she is taking a chance that she will be caught and punished by the secular courts. But, even if she got away with stealing, God knows what she did and His discipline will be administered now through the consequences of her actions or discipline will come sometime in the future when she least expects it. For, secrets are not forever. In other words, God tells us in His Word that we will reap what we sow in all aspects of life. In fact, sowing and reaping are part of every day life and are not just part of the agricultural world or farming.

The most well-known occurrence of reaping what was sown is found in the book of Genesis with the story of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve reaped sorrow and pain not only for themselves, but for all of humanity when they sowed disobedience through their pridefulness, and unbelief in God’s words. Because they disobeyed God, we live in a fallen world that is a mere shadow of the perfection that was originally created by God. Because of their disobedience our bodies wear out and die. Moreover, because of their disobedience we will experience eternal death unless we repent of our sins, believe on Christ and accept God's free gift of Salvation.

To emphasize the importance of understanding "reaping and sowing", Christ told several parables on this subject. In fact, Christ succinctly illuminated what happens in different situations, including what happens when seeds are sown on different types of soil. For, the outcome or harvest can be considerably less when sowing seeds on dry or thorny ground. (See the chapters of Matthew 13, Mark 4, and Luke 8). But why should Christians be concerned about sowing on dry or thorny ground? Well, Christ applied sowing and reaping to not only our lives, but to the sharing of the Gospel message with others. We know that when we share the Gospel message that the message may fall on either dry or fertile ground. Additionally in our lives, we find that if we sow good things, we will reap good things and conversely, if we sow bad things we will reap bad things.

As Christians and active mentors we can fall into the worldly traps of sowing indifference, unkindness and hypocrisy, as well as loveless and hateful attitudes toward others. That is why so many people today have a bad taste in their mouths about Christians. For, besides those people who do not live like Christians and who set bad examples, sometimes Christians can also begin to feel a little superior to others. Why do they feel superior? Usually it is because they believe they have their ticket to heaven, and really don’t care about those who are lost. This is so wrong! For Christ said, “… the Kingdom of God is within you [in your hearts] and among you [surrounding you.].” – Luke 17:21. 

If you are truly “Saved” you should love other people and want them to experience the joy of knowing Christ and being part of the Kingdom of God. So, as “born-again” Christians who have the Kingdom of God within our hearts, we should be sowing the love of Christ in all aspect of our lives. Our lives should be a reflection of Christ’s love for others. Unfortunately, many Christians think that our attitudes, behaviors, and words aren't important, but they are very important indeed. For, our words can heal or harm others. Christians should focus on the healing aspect of our words and avoid harming others with hurtful words. In fact, our words should be kind and loving and able to direct a spiritually lost person to eternal life through Jesus Christ.

The Apostle Paul emphasized the importance of our attitudes, behaviors and words when he wrote, “Do not be deceived and deluded and misled; God will not allow Himself to be sneered at (scorned, distained, or mocked by mere pretensions or professions, or by His precepts being set aside. [He inevitably deludes himself who attempts to delude God.]. For whatever a man sows that and that only is what he will reap.” – Galatians 6: 7.

I don’t know about you, but I do not want to disappoint God. That is why I want to be a light for Christ in this ever darkening world. Without Christians stepping up to actively mentor both fellow Christians and non-Christians as well, many will struggle through life hurting and feeling alone. We can do something to lift both up through ARCM. We can be the light at the end of a tunnel for those who are lost, so they can find their way to Christ and Salvation. We can befriend, help, support, and empower another woman by planting the seeds of Christian love and the Gospel message. We can also provide godly knowledge and wisdom to those who are lost and spiritually alone.

Unfortunately, just as in the “parable of the seeds” told by Christ, some of our seeds will fall on dry or thorny ground. In other words, the person may not hear or take in the Good News that they have heard. Like in the parable, still other seeds will be blown away by the wind or be eaten by birds. This means the world will destroy the message of Salvation before it can sink in and be understood. But, it isn't our job to focus on the negatives or to focus on the possible disillusionment that can come when someone does not want to allow the Gospel seed to grow in her heart. For, just like the farmer who sows, praying that the seeds will take hold, sprout, and grow, we, too, must put our trust in God, as we mentor others and share the Gospel message. Once the message seeds have been planted, then it is up to the individual as to whether the seeds will begin to grow. But if the seeds don’t get planted, or the farmer fails to till the soil and pull weeds, there will be no harvest or the harvest will not be large. So, too, if Christians fail to actively mentor other Christians or fail to nourish and water those Gospel seeds, or if we fail to share the Gospel message seeds with the non-Christians, we will not have a harvest of believers or a harvest of empowered Christians who can help others along the way.

In his letter to the Galatians the Apostle Paul said, “And let us not lose heart and grow weary and faint in acting nobly and doing right, for in due time and at the appointed season we will reap, if we do not loosen and relax our courage and faint.” – (Galatians 6:9. Amplified). Yes, it takes courage to actively mentor others today, especially in a world that has lost its foundational principles. But, we can be that beacon of light and hope to those who are struggling. Through active relational Christian mentoring (ARCM) you can reach out and help both the non-Christian and Christian.

I will end with more of the Apostle Paul’s God-inspired words to the Galatians, as these words apply to all Christians who live their lives for Christ. Paul said, “So then, as occasion and opportunity open up to us, let us do good [morally] to all people [not only being useful or profitable to them, but also doing what is for their spiritual good and advantage]. Be mindful to be a blessing especially to those of the household of faith [those who belong to God’s family with you, the believers].  – (Galatians 6: 10. Amplified).

Remember, as a true born-again Christian, “… the Kingdom of God is within you [in your hearts] and among you [surrounding you].” So let God’s Kingdom flourish by sowing the Gospel message wherever you go.  Also sow love, hope, faith, knowledge and gratitude as you care for other people. Remember, too, people are watching you!

You can do it! You can mentor for the Lord! Just go out and let the Holy Spirit direct you.  God’s words will not come back void. His words are powerful! Live by God’s Word and share His words with your mentees.

If you do not know Christ personally, take a moment and talk to Him. Christ will hear and listen to you. Repent of your sins and then ask Christ to forgive you. He will! There is nothing more wonderful than knowing that you have been truly forgiven and are now a child of God’s.

Your Salvation is a free gift, made possible only because God planned it … Christ paid for it… and the Holy Spirit assures you of it.”

 – Billy Graham in Quotes

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