Saturday, February 14, 2015

Active Relational Christian Mentoring with Integrity

Active Relational Christian Mentoring provides a view into the life of the mentor. For, it is through the mentors words and actions that her mentee will be able to see what is really important to her mentor. The mentee will see the principles that the mentor lives by, and she will be able to see both the mentor’s actions and reactions on a closer level than an average acquaintance of the mentor’s might see. So, the words and actions of the Christian mentor will essentially show her mentee what she considers to be important. One of the principles that should be important to every Christian mentor is integrity.

All Christian mentors should have integrity. What exactly is integrity? Well, according to Webster’s Dictionary, “it is the quality or state of being of sound moral principle: uprightness, honesty and sincerity.” Jesus spoke about integrity when He said, “unless you are faithful in small matters, you won’t be faithful in large ones. …”—(Luke 16:10 NLT). Here, Jesus was referring to the little lies that we tell, as well as to the small amounts of money that many rationalize is no big deal to take. Today, many people steal from their jobs when they take stamps, paper clips, or some other seemingly small items. They do not have integrity. For, integrity means that in even the smallest of situations we are honest, sincere and upright. Not only is our integrity to be a principle and personal lifestyle, but our integrity allows others to see Christ’s principles being lived out in our life.

All Christians should have the highest regard for integrity in all their actions and whenever they open their mouths to speak. In fact, the Apostle Paul, in his peer mentoring of Titus, told Titus to always have integrity when speaking. He also told Titus to think before he spoke in order to keep those who could possibly take something wrong or out of context from doing so. Paul reminded Titus that he should “… promote the kind of living that reflects right teaching.”  -- (Titus 2: 1 NLT).

It is not only our words but our behaviors that are being watched and often emulated by others. In order to emphasize this point, the Apostle Paul said, “… Let everything that you do reflect the integrity and seriousness of your teaching.”  -- (Titus 2: 7 NLT). This is a very important trait that Titus and now all Christians should strive to acquire. Not only should we think before we act or speak, but we should know what God’s Word says about Christ-like living, so that we can strive to live the way that Christ would have us live. The Apostle Paul also told Titus to live the Scriptures as well as teach them and that in so doing he would be encouraging others through his own behavior. So, we are to live out the Holy Scriptures for all to see, thus setting the best examples of Christ-like living for others to emulate. Active Relational Christian mentors should strive to set the best examples for others while living a life of integrity. You can do it! You can mentor for the Lord!

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