Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Receiving Blessings through Active Relational Christian Mentoring

“How blessed is he who considers the helpless;
The Lord will protect him and keep him alive,
And he shall be called blessed upon the earth, …
The Lord will sustain him upon his sickbed;
In his illness You restore him to health.” 

– (Psalm 41: 1-3. NASV).

“The Lord is near to all who call upon Him,
To all who call upon Him in Truth.
He will fulfill the desire of those who fear Him;
He will also hear their cry and save them.
The Lord keeps all who love Him,
But all the wicked He will destroy.
My mouth will speak the praise of the Lord,
And all flesh will bless His holy name forever and ever.”

– (Psalm 145: 18-21. NASV).

It has been about four weeks since I last wrote. This is because; I had a total knee replacement and have been recuperating and doing therapy. Early on after the initial surgery, there were times when my trust in the Lord was what actually got me through a night of pain. You see, God is always there for us, and we can call out to Him when we need help. We can call upon the Lord even when we are sick or in physical pain. In fact, the Psalmist tells us that the ‘Lord is near to all who call upon Him’. – (Psalm 145: 18). In my particular case, I called upon God for His help in handling the pain. But we can call upon Him no matter what the problem or concern is. Whatever our need, through Jesus Christ the Son, we can speak to our Heavenly Father. He will bless His children.

Psalm 41 speaks specifically to Christians who reach out to those that are helpless or to those who can’t do for themselves. It is in this particular Psalm that we are told that those who reach out to the helpless in the world will be blessed. Indeed, “He shall be called blessed upon the earth.” We are told that the Lord will help us and bless us even when we have troubles of our own or when we are on our sickbed, if we have blessed others. I can certainly vouch for the fact that the Lord helps the Christian who serves Him and others and that He blesses us even when we are sick.

Obviously, Christians can always do more to help the helpless, but if we love others the way that we love ourselves then we will actually look for and find many ways to help others; sometimes without realizing that is what we are doing. Many times those that we have helped will have knowingly or unknowingly blessed us through their empowerment from ARCM or by the giving of their time to help us or others.

We can always find ways to help another woman if we really want to do God’s work. Moreover, we are to “… not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”  -- (Hebrews 13: 16. NIV). But, one act of kindness should not be our last. Even though I have helped several women over the years, I know I can always find even more ways to help others, if I truly want to be of service to God’s Kingdom. In fact, all of us can always find one more minute in the day to share our life with a mentee. Whether we are very healthy or even if we have a physical handicap, we can always find ways to bless others with our kindness and help or find ways to bless someone through the sharing of the Gospel message. This pleases God.

Over the years, I have had to deal with many surgeries and great deal of pain. My health situation could have made it harder for me to be there for others when they needed help. However, I have found that if you desire to be a servant for God and if you truly want to help others that God will find ways for you to serve Him and other women. Some of the ways that I have been able to serve God is through both Active Relational Christian Mentoring (ARCM) and the Bible Studies that I have held in my home; trying to  help women grow closer to God. Whether it was an individual that needed mentoring or a group of women that I could teach and then mentor individually when needed, I have been able to live for God and help others at the same time. Invariably, when I least expected it, God would place someone He thought I could help within my path. At other times God would put me in a particular situation wherein my knowledge of the Bible could be of help. Certainly, though, I had to be open to those situations, which I encountered, and be willing to listen to and then mentor the individuals God placed in my life, or I could have missed blessing others or missed receiving the blessings that come from helping others.

Our blessings can come in many different forms. For example, we can be blessed by the friendships that are made through ARCM, or we can be blessed by not having to worry about money. Certainly, too, we can be blessed by the women we have helped, who turn around and help us when we are in need. Among the many ways that God can bless us for serving Him and others, is the reciprocal help that we can receive from someone whom we have previously helped. Indeed, I have often been blessed by the people that I have come to know or by those whom I have served through ARCM and Bible studies that I have held. In fact, in looking back at my life, I can see many different types of blessings all along the way. Most recently, though, I have been blessed by the ladies that attend my current Bible study.

The recuperation from a knee replacement can take from six to twelve weeks depending on the type of replacement, the health of the individual, and the ability of the individual to do the therapies needed to get the knee to work at full capacity. The first three weeks are the most painful, and you really have to rely on others to get things for you and help you in so many small and large ways. 

My husband took two weeks off from work to be with me and help me. He isn’t a cook nor does he know much about food preparation or even grocery shopping. He is a quick study, though, if someone shows him how to do something. Even so, that first week or two we both needed help. The ladies in my Bible study brought food in and even helped prepare some meals. Seeing their kindness and desire to help us did much for my recovery. They cared and they showed that they cared. We were truly blessed during our time of need.

After the first two weeks, my husband had to go back to work. He shortened his work day so that I would not be alone for a long period of time, but still I was going to be alone in the house for six to seven hours a day. So, the Bible study ladies got together and decided that they would take turns coming in to fix my lunch and sit with me a couple of hours each day. Although, I have thanked each one of them personally, they will really never know what a blessing that they were and still are to me. Their presence and conversation helped me to focus on what is important in life, i.e. God! Although we talked about many things, which kept my mind off the pain, we always ended up talking about God. When God is at the forefront of your mind, you do not have time to feel sorry for yourself or time to focus on the pain. Also, when God is at the center of your recuperation, you will get well much quicker. “For the Lord will deliver him in a day of trouble. … In his illness You restore him to health.”  -- (Psalm 41: 1, 3. NASV).

As Christian women, we need to focus on God and Christ often throughout the day. Whether we are recuperating, playing, working, or helping another woman through ARCM, we need to think about ways that we can serve God and others. You may not think that a simple conversation with another woman can be mentoring, but if the words that you speak touch the woman’s heart or give her knowledge or information that can empower her to be better than she was before, then you have blessed her and in turn you will receive blessings from God. The Bible says: “A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.” – (Proverbs 25: 11. NIV).

So, please take a moment to look at your life and look for those times when you have, through kindness and caring, helped another woman or young lady. Perhaps you simply gave her a ride somewhere, or you listened to her problems and prayed with her. For, whatever you do in the love of God for another is service for them and service to the Lord. Even helping a woman see Christ for Who He is and for what He can do for her can be not only a blessing to that woman, but a blessing to you for sharing the Gospel message. If you haven't helped someone recently, step forward and bless another woman with your time, resources, knowledge or skills. Remember, God is watching all of us, and He sees even the smallest acts of kindness that we do for another. ARCM is kindness expressed within a Christian relationship. You can do it!  You can bless another and in the process receive God’s blessings on your life as well.

He who has clean hands and a pure heart,
Who does not lift up his soul to an idol
Or swear by what is false,
He will receive blessings from the Lord
and vindication from God His Savior. 

– (Psalm 24: 4-5. NIV)

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  1. Oh, Vicky, how I especially love this posting of yours as I read it tonight. This writing and the things you discuss is so YOU- the tenderness, truth, reality of life's problems, how to put one's best foot forward, so to speak, and to keep on giving for the Lord. How these lovely Bible study and church friend ladies have ministered to you is fantastic. I know you so well, that all of this said today and every day you share a posting about Christ, His Children, and ACRM, stands for such goodness in our Lord within the Ladies of the Lord or Jesus' Girls (His Daughters) as I have started to call us. Great going, Vicky. I am always proud of you and thankful-proud to be your friend. It especially warms my heart to know in more detail how your Bible study friends, the Women of God, are lovingly sharing their talent, time, and themselves with you...with lunch, and then you two of course speak of our Lord and are very, very happy. Joy!! Love!! To you, my dear, dear one. Super job here! Thank you so much.