Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mother Mentoring Part II

A very unhappy young lady tried to justify why she didn't believe in God. Along with other reasons, she said that her parents believed in Christ and Heaven only because their lives were inadequate and unhappy here on earth. In her eyes, her parents looked forward to a Heavenly future, because they had nothing else to look toward. Like many other young people today, this lady has been inundated with the secular view on life. Like this young lady, many young people don’t believe in God. But if they don’t believe that they were created, then they are just a fluke of nature (evolution and all that). What purpose is there in being a fluke of nature? What reason do they have to exist?

Christians have a purpose for our existence. We have been created to glorify God and to be the recipients of His love. God’s love is for all who will believe on His Son, Jesus Christ. Moreover, even though we live in a fallen world, with many trials and hardships, God is always there for us. His love and the shed blood of Christ give those who believe on Christ a peace that passes all understanding. So, no matter how bad life can get, if we have Christ in our heart, we can get through the day.

Before our children are out on their own, mother mentors must teach their children that no matter how lonely they are, how anxious, or how sad or depressed they are, that they, too, can have Christ and His love. But, the only way to fill the emptiness in their soul is by surrendering to the love of Christ. No amount of self-gratification, indulgences, or busyness in life can fill the empty spot in a person’s soul. With Christ, love, generosity and gratitude replace selfishness and emptiness. Our children can have the same kind of Christ-centered love that emanates from those who have a relationship with Christ.

Mentoring our children, though, does not stop when they reach a certain age. If we have a good relationship with our children, they will often call us and ask our advice. Even if the relationship is not great, our children are always watching us and learning from us as we role-model our beliefs and Christ-like living, whether we realize it or not. Consequently, mothers can and will continue to mentor their children through at least passive mentoring. Fortunate is the mother, though, who has a relationship that allows her to actively mentor her daughters throughout the years when needed. Being able to call your mother to clarify something or to ask for advice is very special indeed. For, it is through the recognition of their mother’s gained wisdom and knowledge that they can also gain her wisdom and knowledge for their own benefit. This is because; the gaining of wisdom comes gradually and over time. It takes time to learn all the things that we need to get by in life. However, it takes even more time to learn how to live a life of love, which is based on God’s complete love for us. Mother mentors can role-model God’s love in their actions and words.

Christian women gain wisdom by continually working to gain spiritual maturity. To work at growing spiritually, Christian women must continue to read the Bible, meditate on God’s Word, pray and seek God’s guidance in everything we do. Along with gaining knowledge and giving our devotion to the Lord, the Holy Spirit who indwells all believers will give us insight, discernment and guidance in the mentoring of our children and other women. When our children, from an early age, see their mothers reading the Bible and praying, they are being given some of the best passive and active mentoring.

Christian mother mentoring really never stops, even when our children become adults. For, even if we are no longer actively mentoring them, we are passively setting examples and standards on which they can base their lives. Mother mentors have a very great responsibility indeed!  Please start early in the mentoring of your children for the Lord.

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