Friday, November 21, 2014

Mentoring on the World's Stage

Unless we are totally alone in our homes, our lives are being watched and viewed by family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers most days. In fact, whenever we are out and about or around other people, we are constantly on stage. We are being watched and heard by those around us. Many times in our journey through life, we are so into doing what needs to be done in our daily life that we fail to realize that other people are watching us and are making assumptions about us based on our words and deeds. For, the world only sees or hears what we present to them as we walk across its stage. People see our actions or inactions as well as our speech and body language, and then they make judgments and assumptions based upon what they see and hear.

Yesterday, I heard a news reporter speak about a person who was claiming to be Christ. This false christ person was acquiring lots of followers. But as the report continued, the person claiming to be Christ was actually doing everything against Christ and His teachings. However, the news reporter did not understand the difference, and even called this man’s followers Christians. How sad that people no longer understand what true Christianity is or why Christ’s true followers are called Christians. The reason for the world’s confusion today is that many Christians no longer represent Christ in their life-style or in what they say and do. Even worse, is that many of the people claiming to be Christians have no idea what true Christianity is. Christianity has become a broad term for people who go to church or not and who say they try to do what is right or not. It has become a designation that in many cases means nothing to the average person except perhaps the designation of one having conservative political views, or not. Are you getting the picture?  In many ways Christians have become unrecognizable.

True Christians are “re-born” into a new life.They want to follow Christ and live for Him in everything they do.This does not mean that we suddenly become perfect or that we always do what is right. But it does mean that true Christians desire to do what is right and true in the eyes of God and His Son, Jesus Christ. However, we are human and we live in a fallen world with all its enticements, negative behaviors, and evil doings.Therefore, we must constantly be on our guard against things and behaviors that would not reflect well on Christ or Christianity. This is why it is so important to remember that we are on the world’s stage and everything we say and do, even when we are having a bad day, reflects on Christ. Moreover, everything we say and do is interpreted in either a positive or negative manner by those who see and hear us. People’s perception of how we behave and live will have an effect on their life, and this perception may affect how they treat us and other Christians. If a woman hears you saying un-Christian things or acting in an un-Christian way, she may think that you are a hypocrite. But she may also think that if a so-called Christian can act that way, then there is nothing wrong with her acting that way too. Certainly, mentoring her about Christ and Christ-like living would not be something she would be interested in pursuing. In such a situation, the potential mentee has a negative perception of all Christians based on what one or two Christians have said or done.

Even though we may have always tried to act, behave and talk in a Christian manner, there will be some people who will just have a negative perception of Christians. We may not be able to change their perspective or perception of us, which is based on their own frame of reference. But we can live as truthfully and godly as we can, so that some day they may see us in the light of Christ. We can live a godly life so that people will, because of our words and actions, want to have Christ in their heart too. This is why it is so important that everything a Christian mentor does or says must be above board and for the Lord. For the Biblical Scriptures tell us Now that you are obedient children of God do not live as you did in the past. You did not understand, so you did the evil things you wanted.  But be holy in all you do, just as God, the One who called you, is holy.  -- (I Peter 1: 14-15.  The New Century Version, 1991).  Once we are truly “Saved” we have an innate desire to live for Christ and do that which is right and true. In attempting to be holy, as God has called Christians to be, it is important that Christians and Christian mentors base their life on the truth of the Word of God and not on the perceptions of others or what the world thinks. We are to be the example of true Christianity so other women will see God’s Truth lived through us. We must role-model Christ-like living whether we are actively or passively mentoring other women.

Our actions and behaviors influence others.  Whether we are officially mentoring another woman or not, as Christians, who love each other, we should always attempt to live as a positive influence for other Christians and non-believers alike. Of course our actions and behaviors can affect others' lives either positively or negatively. But, as Christians who love each other, we should always provide positive influences for other women and avoid negative influences whenever we can. When we finally realize the mercy which God has shown to us, we surely will want to become more like the Son, Jesus Christ. ARCM focuses on the mentor living more like Jesus Christ and on being that Christian example for her mentees. For it is in Jesus Christ that mentors and mentees can find all the positive attributes of Christ that are needed for a godly life.

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